About Me

As an independent, professionally-trained translator, I offer several advantages over in-house bilingual staff or large translation companies.

Why Work With Me

Subject-matter expertise: I rely on my experience in the areas of healthcare and marketing to deliver a professionally-crafted, polished translation. I do not accept assignments for which I cannot deliver a top-notch product.

Preserving the client’s message: I consult any existing translations or reference materials the client may have, research industry publications for appropriate language and terminology, document these guidelines, and adhere to them consistently throughout my translation.

Professionalism: I maintain client confidentiality; am upfront about my availability, skills, and limitations; stay in constant communication with the client; deliver on-time; and meet — and exceed — established expectations.

Availability: Unlike a staff translator or a bilingual employee whose main job is something other than translation, I am available to work on your project when the need arises.

Direct communication: Working with an independent translator, you can be sure any questions or doubts will be addressed early on to ensure that the final product reflects your message and is appropriate for your audience.

Various formats accepted: I work with most Microsoft Office formats, including Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. I also support many other, less common formats, including Adobe InDesign, XML, or HTML files. I use software that parses your files and only translate the content, leaving any code intact.


  • Master’s degree in Translation from Kent State University
  • Certified by American Translators Association as an English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English translator
  • Certified medical interpreter (CMI-Russian) by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters
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