March Issue: Difficulties of Audio Transcription and Translation

I have recently done a project where I had to translate from English into Russian an interview for a watchmaking magazine that was only available as an audio. Needless to say, this type of assignment is much more involved and time-consuming than a translation of the same subject matter and level of linguistic difficulty. HereContinue reading “March Issue: Difficulties of Audio Transcription and Translation”

January Issue: Standards for Scholarly Publications

As part of my Master’s in Translation training, I am now writing my Case Study, a final paper required to complete the program. For this project, I need to translate a 500-word text and provide an analysis discussing the decisions I made in the translation process. For my Case Study, I will be translating aContinue reading “January Issue: Standards for Scholarly Publications”

October Issue: Subtitles for Jess+Moss

I am currently working on the Russian subtitles to the American independent movie Jess+Moss.  Here is a description of the film from its official website: Jess, age 18 (Sarah Hagan) and Moss, age 12 (Austin Vickers) are second cousins in the dark-fire tobacco fields of rural Western Kentucky. Without immediate families that they can relateContinue reading “October Issue: Subtitles for Jess+Moss