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Lessons Learned from ATA 56th Annual Conference

This year I attended the American Translators Association (ATA) annual conference after a three-year gap. This post is a quasi-debriefing of what I thought went well this time and what I need to concentrate on in the following years. By its nature, the list will be specific to me and may not reflect everyone's priorities and… Continue reading Lessons Learned from ATA 56th Annual Conference

Professional Updates

Move to Rochester

Some big changes happened in my life lately, and I thought I should share them with my readers. I have finished my Master's in Translation at Kent State University and have now moved to Rochester, New York for my new job as a project manager. I am still available for freelance work on weekday nights… Continue reading Move to Rochester

Professional Updates

December Issue: Language School in Germany

This year, I've decided to spend my winter break brushing up my German. I took German all through college, but because I had few opportunities to practice it in the USA, my language skills started becoming rusty. So, I did some research on the Internet and found a few language schools that weren't closed for… Continue reading December Issue: Language School in Germany

Professional Updates

First Time at the ATA Conference

At the end of November, I attended my first-ever American Translators Association (ATA) Conference. The event took place in Boston, Massachusetts. I would like to share some of my impressions from the event. My fellow translators will forgive me if some of my first-timer observations sound naïve. I am by no means an expert on… Continue reading First Time at the ATA Conference