I help hospitals, device and drug manufacturers, and insurance providers in the US communicate with their Russian-speaking clients.

  • Health benefits guides for insurance providers
  • Medical notes and test results
  • Healthy living newsletters


Documents include webinar content, program descriptions and policies, and public benefit guides.

Official documents

I offer certified translations for immigration, adoption, marriage, and academic purposes. The translation will be accompanied by a translator’s statement of accuracy and my American Translators Association seal. This statement may be notarized by a notary public upon request. Typical official documents include:

  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • death certificates
  • divorce decrees
  • college and high school diplomas
  • criminal records


“Tamara Khristoforovna” by Margarita Ardasheva, published in Tupelo Quarterly, translated from the Russian into English


Interpreting is the spoken mediation for two (or more) people speaking different languages. I provide consecutive English-Russian interpreting for medical, immigration, cultural, and business visits. Please get in touch to learn more about my expertise, availability, and pricing.

Language teaching

I also teach English and Russian as a second language, helping my students expand their vocabulary and communication skills.

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