How to order a translation

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Step 1: Project Scope Analysis

The client gets in touch with me, and we determine the following information:

  • type of work needed — for example, translation, machine translation post-editing, revision of an existing translation, or transcreation (copyediting in a different language)?
  • brief — the intended use of the translation and its target audience
  • deliverables — the format of the file to be delivered, method of delivery, and applicable deadlines
  • pricing and payment information — final quote, payment terms, and any discounts are confirmed before the start of the project, often in a purchase order sent by the client
  • background materials — any reference materials, style guides, and glossaries that need to be adhered to in translation are provided by the client

Step 2: Formal Approval

Before the start of the project, we will sign off on a written document delineating the services to be performed and any applicable conditions. In case of corporate clients, this is usually done through signing a contract and sending a purchase order or scope of work.

Step 3: Research and Communication

I will ask for any background materials, translation memories, previous translations, style guides, or preferred term lists you may be able to provide. Even if none are available, I will search for content that is similar to yours in domain, audience, and purpose and will use it as a blueprint for the translation and as a source for terminology. An example of such content may be websites of companies in your industry.

If no term list was initially provided, I will compile a list of key terms and their proposed translation for the client’s approval. These terms will then be used in translation.

Should any doubts arise during translation, I will compile a list of questions and send it to the client to ensure that my translation reflects the author’s intent.

Step 4: Delivery

The translation will be delivered within the specified deadline through the agreed-upon channel — e-mail, upload, and so on.


Contact me to talk about your translation project.

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