Corporate and Industry Translations

I have worked in a variety of domains for individual and corporate clients. Some of my representative translation assignments are listed below.

Marketing and Public Relations

  • market surveys in automotive, beverage, and pharmaceutical domains
  • press releases for a state government
  • focus groups and market research


  • Wikipedia health education videos (“Ischemia,” “Heart Attack,” “Gallbladder Cancer”)
  • Health benefits enrolment guides


  • Russian subtitles for the films The City Dark, Jess+Moss, and Chasing Ice
  • English subtitles for The Brest Fortress
  • English subtitles for an interview with Mikhail Gorbachev


  • code of conduct and related training materials for a multinational clothing manufacturer
  • investment advice for Spear’s Wealth Management

Personal Document (Certified) Translation

signed documentCertified translation is a translation that is accompanied by a translation certification statement. This statement is written by the translator, who confirms that they translated the document accurately and that they are qualified for such work. The certification statement may be notarized, which means a notary public certifies the signature of the translator. This is called a “notarized translation.”

Typical cases when a certified or notarized translation may be needed are immigration cases, adoption, marriage, foreign academic credit evaluation, and others.

Notarized Translation Offered

  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • death certificates
  • divorce decrees
  • college and high school diplomas
  • criminal records
  • certified translation available, with a certificate of accuracy notarized by a Monroe County notary public

Please get in touch for further details.


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