Shortcomings of (Untrained) Native Translators

Should translations be done exclusively by native speakers of the target (“into”) language? This question has recently come up in several publications. The language industry and training programs in the US predominantly answer in the affirmative. I have speculated about some possible reasons for this attitude. A recent article in the American Translators Association (ATA)Continue reading “Shortcomings of (Untrained) Native Translators”

3 Checks For Your Automated Translation (If You Can’t Help Using It)

Bad automated translations have become infamous on the Internet. Business are advised against using “raw” machine translation. Finally, you might have read about an embarrassing mistranslation that made it onto the official site of a Spanish food festival. To grossly simplify the mechanism, machine translation is normally a combination of substitution rules and large corpora (collections)Continue reading “3 Checks For Your Automated Translation (If You Can’t Help Using It)”